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Monday 28 January 2013

Vote For The Best Amiga Games of 2012

Following a number of extremely lean years, 2012 turned out to be a golden one for Amiga users, with a decent selection of playable and actually high quality, game releases appearing for our favourite computer.

Regular readers of the blog may recall that according to the latest batch of stats in from Deff's Amiga Game List, 2012 saw the most number of Amiga games released since 1998!

With 2012 now an ever fading memory, Deff has decided that now is the time for us to vote for our favourite Amiga games of 2012.

To cover all Amiga platforms and off-shoot operating systems, the top three games from each of the following will be tallied: AmigaOS 68k, AmigaOS 4.x, MorphOS and AROS. The results will be revealed on Wednesday, February 6th, 2012.

To place your votes you'll need to point your web browsers over to:

Results for 2011 and 2010 were as follows:


For AmigaOS 68k :

1. Mr Beanbag (Jigsaw Lounge)
2. Bermuda Syndrome (Century Interactive)
3. Barrage (Michael Speck)

For AmigaOS 4.x

1. 1941 Extreme Deluxe Dual Players 2.0 (Badblocks, Hugues Nouvel)
2. Swamp Defense (EntwicklerX)
3. River Pirate (EntwicklerX)

For MorphOS

1. Return To Castle Wolfenstein (ID Software, Gray Matter Interactive)
2. 1941 Extreme Deluxe Dual Players 2.0 (Badblocks, Hugues Nouvel)
3. Simutrans (Hansjoerg Malthaner, Simutrans Team)


1. UFO: Alien Invasion (UFO: Alien Invasion Team)
2. Assault Cube (Rabid Viper Productions)
3. Cube 2: Sauerbraten (Wouter Van Oortmerssen)


For AmigaOS 68k :

1. Tracker Hero (GUS Entertainment)
2. Zelda Time To Triumph (Vincent Jouillat)
3. Looking for Xmas (Joerg Renker)

For AmigaOS 4.x

1. Aquaria (Bit Blot)
2. Descent Freespace 2 (Volition / Interplay)
3. Warzone 2100 (Pumpkin Studios, Warzone Resurection Project)

For MorphOS

1. Fortis (Encore Games)
2. Aquaria (Bit Blot)
3. UFO Alien Invasion (UFO Alien Invasion Team)


1. Aquaria (Bit Blot)
2. Quake 3 Arena (ID Software)
3. 1941 Extreme Deluxe (Badblocks, Hugues Nouvel)

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