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Saturday 28 December 2013

New Arcade Style Joystick From

If your trusty Competition Pro, Quickshot or adopted Megadrive pad is starting to show its age then perhaps you're in the market for a new joystick to compliment your Amiga setup.

The problem that you'll no doubt find is that decent brand new Amiga joysticks/controllers are extremely difficult to get hold of, and usually a second hand device purchased from Ebay is your only option. That was until a recent press release posted to the English Amiga Board appeared, courtesy of AmigaKit;
"We will shortly be launching a brand new Amiga joystick which we have developed over the last 6 months. 
The high quality joystick is manufactured for many years of Amiga gaming. 
It features [an] arcade style controller with metal shaft and micro switches. 
It has independent fire A and fire B buttons that can be user switches to single fire A operation if required."
Now, the joystick's not cheap. Weighing in at a hefty £49.15 (odd price, I know) it's certainly out of impulse buy territory. However, if the images on the AmigaKit web site do the device justice then it looks to be an extremely high quality device, and the parts don't come cheap.

For more information or to purchase the joystick, point your web browser over to this page on the AmigaKit web site.

For those of you who received money for Christmas, perhaps this will give you some idea of what to spend it on.

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