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Monday 27 January 2014

Lemon Amiga's Latest Play Guide - Risky Woods, 1992

Risky Woods - Title Screen
The latest in Lemon Amiga's play guides has just been uploaded to YouTube, and it's EA's 1992 side-scrolling platformer Risky Woods.

Magazine review scores for Risky Woods were mixed, but the majority of publications scored it well into the eighties.

Here's Lemon Amiga;
"Risky Woods is a cult classic with a large number of fans, to others it's a tricky and unfair game with enemies which must be shot before you even see them!
I put the game through its paces to see if C.U Amiga's 90% score was really worth it"
The review runs for just over 40 minutes and features commentary throughout. If you've never played the game before or if you have and you're after some tips, tricks and tactics, this is well worth some of your time.

Speaking about the recorded footage, Lemon Amiga commented;
"I could have completed the game and yet on the day I recorded this I failed. Some reviewers only show their very best runs but what you get with me is what happened on the day, with generally no retries or savestates to practice with. At least you can see my 1 Million score on the high score table."
Check out the video over on YouTube here.

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