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Sunday 8 March 2015

Starquake Amiga Conversion WIP and Footage

Programmed by Stephen Crow, and originally released by Bubble Bus Software way back in 1985, Starquake was a fast-paced, sprawling arcade adventure.

Three years later saw the Atari ST version released in 1998, with an Amiga version was planned for release in 1991. Unfortunately, for whatever reason this failed to see the light of day.

This situation looks like it may soon change, as Fairlight's Galahad has been busy working on converting the ST code to run on the Amiga platform. Check out the version 1.0 work in progress footage below.

Along with a link to the above YouTube footage, Galahad commented that;
"The encoder for WInUAE i'm using makes the game look like arse, its 100% stable and the graphics don't look like they are under water.
On Amiga the character moves smoothly, not taking 30 pixel leaps across the screen, oh and you can see everything properly, looks like I applied a Vaseline filter to the output."
I'll post further updates regarding this project as and when they surface. If, in the meantime you'd like to read-up on the progress so far then check out this thread over on the English Amiga Board.

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