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Tuesday 29 October 2013

Amiga PD's Top 100 Amiga Games Book - Update

The brainchild of Amiga PD's Christian Clarke - The Top 100 Amiga PD Games (the title is likely to change before release) is a work-in-progress eBook project, with an end goal of showcasing the very best the Amiga Public Domain games scene has to offer.

The release is an ambitious one, and although assisted by fellow Amiga gamers Graham Humphrey, Robert Hazelby and Lifeschool, Chris has authored the majority of the completed game write-ups himself.

Last week Chris was busy getting the formatting to look good on the Amazon Kindle, and from the released screenshot (see below), the results look extremely promising indeed.

At present the book has over 50 reviews completed, and work is continuing, ready for a mid 2014 release.

Naturally, we'll have more news on this as the book progresses. In the meantime, you may wish to visit the Amiga PD Facebook page, where Chris has posted-up details of a new interviewee he's just secured.

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