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Friday 25 October 2013

New Amiga Game in Development - "Chaos Guns"

Us Amiga users aren't treated to many new games these days. Unlike the ZX Spectrum scene which seems to see a new game released on an almost weekly basis, the 16-bit Commodore platform plays host to a mere trickle of new titles during the course of an average year.

The majority of these games are single player titles, with the occasional 2-player game cropping up every now and then. Clearly realising that the best games are those that are played in groups, a number of Amiga programmers, artists and musicians have got together to develop "Chaos Guns", a 4-player top-down shooter, similar in style to the legendary "Chaos Engine".

Here's the English Amiga Board's Predseda;

"Fellow Amigans, I am proud to announce that we have been working on a new Amiga party game. It is a mixture of Alien Breed (top view), Chaos Engine 2 (unique cooperative/competitive gameplay) and Hired guns (four independent views) so it is why we call it Chaos guns. 
It will be a story based game for four players, playing with 4 joysticks through an adaptor (or two on keyboard), where each player has his own goal of the game (depending on character chosen out of 12), but all the players also have one goal together, which will force them to collaborate in some parts.
There will be seven really LARGE levels, each player has his own independent window with full scrolling. Game will offer various weapons, enemies, boss fights, puzzles and additional quests. Each character has his own starting position and characteristics (strengh, weight, ability to survive in gas/water, speed and a lot of others) and they can walk through all the maps freely and meet each other.
At present we have an alpha version, work started a month ago and our game was first time presented at Bytefest party two days ago. We are at the beginning, we have been working on it for one month, but we already have results. Now players can walk freely, shoot, die, drawn in water, enter buildings, reload ammo, use stairs. I hope we will release a public demo soon, after some optimalisation and graphics enhancements. 
It is a party game, so all four players are needed. We have a lot of ideas, I hope it will evolve quickly. Expected release date is June next year.
Minimum hardware requirement is Amiga 1200 with MC68030 processor and 8MB fast RAM.
Our project leader is Dave DeSade, he also make a lot of graphics and draw maps. I am now responsible for sprite animations. Our programmer is MarK, and musician is Nooly. I think these names are probably unknown to most of you, but I hope they will surprise you in the positive way. All team was formed recently, so we do not use a group name yet. 
I will keep you informed, if you are interested."

A demo of the game in action at this year's Bytefest
If you'd like to see more then you can find a YouTube clip of the game engine in action here:

Meanwhile, the development discussion thread can be found over on the English Amiga Board at THIS link. There's some amazing development sketch artwork there which you really must check out.


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