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Monday 3 March 2014

Lemon Amiga's Project X Playguide and Review

Another week and yet another lovingly crafted Lemon Amiga Playguide and Review lands on YouTube. This latest in an ever-growing series of audio visual productions takes a look at Team 17's 1992 shoot-em-up, Project X.

Upon release Project X received a real mix of review scores, with Amiga Computing awarding it a whopping 93% in their June 1992 issue, and CU Amiga dishing out a lofty 92% in their April 1992 issue. 

Other magazines were less favourable, with Amiga Power and Amiga Joker both giving it an above average 78% in their May 1992 issues. Amiga Power reviewer Stuart Campbell commented at the time;
"The insane, unfair difficulty level makes for one of the most frustrating games we've seen in ages, and the bugs and control quirks push it to just the wrong side of intolerably annoying"
In fact, the game was so difficult that Team 17 released a modified "Special Edition" of the game in 1993.

Presentation-wise though, Stuart was much more complimentary, stating;
"It looks and sounds undeniably beautiful"
So, has time been kinder to Project X than some of the reviewers were back in the day? Check out the Lemon Amiga video below and make your own mind up.


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  3. This game had me constantly scared of accidentially hitting the "guns" powerup. If you have full plasma (the best weapon IMHO) and took a guns powerup your firepower dropped down to the level where it was really hard to survive. Maybe there is a "low%" run of this game somewhere where you complete the game with guns only but I only ever managed to complete it with full plasma and without dying too much on the way (Dying cost powerups and recovering was HARD).

    Powerups are selected if you press space, press the mouse button OR press left and right quickly. With joysticks this rarely happened, but today with keyboards and emulators it is far too easy to hit left and right, get guns and lose the plasma if you are not careful.

    Another thing the game does to psych you out is to randomly say "GUNS!" at various points. Probably an unintentional bug but fun anyways.

    A third fun thing is that the second level boss sometimes laughs at you if you die. It seems random. Did anyone figure out why it sometimes happens?