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Saturday 24 January 2015

Retro-Style Platformer "Boxx 2" Now Available!

If you're fans of oldskool platform games you could do a lot worse than downloading and firing-up Boxx 2 on your trusty Amiga.

Developed by English Amiga Board member Lemming880, Boxx 2 is similar in style to the original platformer released in September of last year, but features many enhancements including a greater variety of platform 'blocks', more sprites, carefully selected chiptunes, bosses, turrets, ropes and more.

While the original game was made from scratch in just two weeks this sequel has had a much longer development time meaning this latest title is far more polished than the previous release. Here's Lemming880;
"Boxx was my first game and I made it in just 2 weeks. I was quite surprised to see it popping up on Amiga fan sites and forums and I never expected it to be mentioned by print magazines like Amiga Future and Retro Gamer! If I had known I would probably have spent more time on the first Boxx. So to make up for that I've spent extra time on Boxx2. It took me about 3 months so it got a little out of hand but I hope it paid off."
Both the original Boxx and the follow-up were created using Backbone game creation system, which gives those of us without strong coding abilities the chance to create our very own Amiga games.

Lemming880 explains;
"When I made the first Boxx game I wanted it to run on my real Amiga 500 but I already knew about Backbone games being slow so I used very low settings like a screen resolution of 256x176 and only 8 colours.
Well, it runs on an A500 but not as fast as I wanted, it's quite sluggish. But using low settings wasn't for nothing. At least both Boxx's now run smooth(ish) on an A1200 and if I hadn't used 8 colours the game wouldn't have it's "distinctive likeable look" like Graham said in Amiga Future magazine."
As the game's been created in Backbone it does mean that system requirements are rather high. For the game to be playable you'll need an Amiga 1200 with an 030 processor. Those of you running your Amiga set-ups though emulation, you'll need a WinUAE configuration of an A1200 with an 030 processor, with it set to Fastest Possible and no Cycle Exact.

Check out the game in action, below...

If you'd like to download and try the game out for yourself you can get it from the following locations:
Once you've played the game, please consider giving the author some feedback on his latest title by contributing to this thread over on the English Amiga Board.

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