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Monday 21 September 2015

New Game, "Jump, Block, Jump" Released

It's the start of a brand new week, and details of a new Amiga game have just surfaced.

Here's English Amiga Board member amiman99 with the details;
"Introducing [a] new game from Amiman99, made with Backbone, called "Jump Block Jump!"  
The game plays similarly to other "run and jump" games popular on mobile platforms. It requires precise jumps and some memorisation. 
The game contains 11 levels and it's playable on Amiga CD32 and other 020 Amigas. [Due] to the fact that Backbone's speed depends on CPU speed, it is recommended to play the game on stock CD32 and plain A1200. I have play tested the game on CD32, A600 030 25MHz, and A1200 030 50MHz.  
The game was primarily tested on A1200 030 50MHz and the feel of the game is perfect, so if you are for a challenge try it on faster machine.
I'm providing 2 versions, one ISO for CD32 and second for other Amigas"
The game can be downloaded via the following links:



If you'd like to join in the discussion for this game then pop over to this thread on the English Amiga Board.

Wednesday 16 September 2015

Dylan The Spaceman Demo Now Available

Things have been pretty quiet in the Amiga games scene over the past few weeks, but thankfully I now have something to report!

As work continues apace on the Dizzy-like arcade adventure "Dylan The Spaceman and the Smelly Green Aliens From Mars", author Chris Clarke has decided that the time is right to release a public demo.

Here's Chris with further details;

"[The game] should work [on both the] Amiga 1200 and Amiga 600 - there will be a version for Amiga 500 but it needs different in-game music - or you need to have at least 2 meg in your trusty Amiga 500"

To download the demo, read through the demo feedback, or provide feedback yourself, check out the following thread over on the English Amiga Board: