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Sunday 18 January 2015

Unreleased Amiga Conversion - Mutant League Hockey

Due for release by Ocean in the final quarter of 1994, Mutant League Hockey was one of a number of games the Manchester software giant had licensed from Electronic Arts for conversion from Megadrive to Amiga. Unfortunately, this was one of the many games cancelled following the demise of Commodore.

Between August and November of that year the game was previewed in a number of Amiga magazines of the day including Amiga Power, CU Amiga and The One (see this link on the Amiga Magazine Rack site for the full lowdown and links to the reviews).

CU Amiga commented in their preview;
"EA have a superb reputation for their sport sims and hopefully this will come across in the conversion process. 
Mutant League is an ideal two-player game and the A1200 version should be fast enough to prove to the console buffs that the Amiga is still a force to be reckoned with."
The One, meanwhile, devoted a whopping two pages of their magazine to previewing the game and interviewing one of the programmers, Adrian Brown. Adrian commented at the time that two versions were in the works - one for Amiga 500/600 machines and one for A1200/4000 systems.

The A1200/4000 versions were to include extra features including action replays, smoother animation, and a greater roster of characters in a match at any one point. The A1200/4000 version was also planned to be hard drive installable. If the game was installed to hard drive further enhancements were planned, which were removed from the floppy version due to excessive disk swapping.

So, why the blog post? Well, in a recent posting to the Amiga Facebook group Adrian commented;
"Unreleased Amiga conversion - MUTANT LEAGUE HOCKEY... Well I got the copylock removed, 
Can't remember if this was fully working or not. If not I'll have to reverse engineer it to fix the bugs, but it seems good :) 
Only about 20 years late :D I'll have to sort out the ADF files."
Check out the game in action below...

As soon as any further information surfaces regarding Mutant League Hockey I'll post the details up in a subsequent blog post.

My thanks go to the Amiga Magazine Rack web site for references and images.


  1. Here you go! :) Available now

    1. Thanks for the heads-up, Neil. I've given it a short post on the blog, and have linked to the Indie Retro News article as they've pretty much nailed this one. I'll give it a good plug on Twitter, also.

      Looking forward to firing this up on the 1200!

  2. Yup, worked with some people to get it sorted, although they have screwed it over a little and didnt wait for me before pushing the ADF, ill fix it all up and do the A500 version myself.