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Sunday 11 January 2015

Maxwell House Demo Now Available for Download!

You may recall that in yesterday's blog post I detailed the recent progress made in the development of platform adventure "Maxwell House and the Missing Game Mystery".

Well, I certainly didn't expect to be covering further developments quite so soon, but following my previous post some exciting news quickly landed on the official Remainder Software Facebook page.

Here's the announcement;
"We are very happy to announce the release of Maxwell Mouse And The Missing Game Mystery - a 29-screen demo of our upcoming platform/adventure game. You can find LHA and ADF downloads on our website and full instructions are included within.
It should run on any 1MB Amiga. Please Like and Share and spread the word, all feedback welcome!  
Thank you all very much for your support"
You can download the playable demo from the official Maxwell House web site at

If you do install the demo please let the developers know what you think by dropping them a message via the official Remainder Software Facebook page.

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