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Saturday 9 January 2016

ST to Amiga Conversion - Ranarama - Coming Soon!

Ranarama was developed by Graftgold and published by Hewson way back in 1987. Released on numerous platforms, this Gauntlet-like arcade adventure unfortunately failed to appear on the Amiga platform. Thankfully, this long-running situation may soon be rectified.

Taking a break from his ST to Amiga conversion of platformer Starquake, Galahad has been busy converting the ST version of Ranarama over to the trusty Amiga platform.

Here's a recent (6th Jan) post of his from over on the English Amiga Board;
"Fear not, Starquake is not forgotten, and 'should' be ready for release at the end of this month. 
As a diversion from all things Starquake, and Christmas, and kids, and shouting, and building F*CKING Lego sets, I thought i'd take a look at Ranarama. I say take a look, but an hour later it was ready for its first trial run......and bugger me, it was working first time. 
 A few bug fixes later and a working joystick routine and the Frog is moving around the game. 
Still plenty of work to be done, but just an example of where we are right now."

Once the initial excitement from EAB members had died down, talk then turned to the soundtrack. Could an Amiga 500 (the conversion is being coded to hopefully run on an Amiga 500) decode and play the original AY soundtrack in realtime?

Unfortunately, with the overhead involved in running the game code there simply wouldn't be enough CPU power left to play the original soundtrack. Thankfully, fellow EAB member musojon74 came to the rescue, and is now working on an Amiga version of the game music. You can check it out at

I'll upload further Ranarama related developments to the blog as and when they're announced. In the meantime, if you'd like to follow the chatter for yourself visit THIS LINK over on the English Amiga Board.

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