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Sunday 3 January 2016

The Dream of Rowan - WIP Demo Available

The Amiga had countless side-scrolling platform games released for it during its commercial lifespan, and it would seem that a number of developers feel there's room for at least one more.

Currently under development by Amiten Software is "The Dream of Rowan". Coded in AMOS and AMAL (AMOS Animation Language), the project is, at present, up on Kickstarter and looking for your donations to help reach the EUR 4,000 total.

With EUR 1,741 raised at present, and only four days to go until the Kickstarter ends, the development team have released a work in progress demo version for you to download and try out.

Check out the main Dream of Rowan Kickstarter page HERE for an overview of the project and a summary video, and find the demo download link HERE.

We do hope the Kickstarter manages to reach its target, but with only four days remaining it doesn't look promising.

Hopefully, regardless of whether the Kickstarter is a success, the game will still see a full release.

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