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Tuesday 9 February 2016

Amigaville - Issue 4 Out Now!

It's been many a year since you've been able to pick up an Amiga magazine off the shelf of your local newsagent. I still have fond memories of cycling down to our local to pick up the latest copies of Amiga Power, CU Amiga, Amiga Format and Amiga Shopper back in the day (I didn't buy this many magazines every month, I might add!).

While the team at Amiga Future magazine (now celebrating a whopping 18 years!) do a fantastic job with their magazine, there's definitely room for another publication covering the scene.

Currently up to issue 4 is Amigaville, a PDF only Amiga magazine covering both gaming and the more serious side of our favourite machine.

Now, as this is a gaming blog I'll skip past the serious stuff and move straight over to the gaming coverage, which in this issue features reviews of:
  • Pacmania
  • Prince of Persia
  • Heroquest
  • Deluxe Galaga
  • Castlevania
The above spans eight colourful pages, featuring a selection of screenshots, detailed reviews, and the author's own scores at the end, which, I have to say, are pretty harsh. Prince of Persia gets a lowly 62%, and the legendary Deluxe Galaga limps away with a mere 75%, for example.

Moving on, and the main game-related feature article "From Doom to Gloom: The World of First Person Shooters on the Commodore Amiga", covers pretty much what you'd expect from the title.

Spanning three full pages, this section takes a brief look at some of the Amiga's best known first person shooters. Documented in release order, you can see how the genre evolved on the Amiga over the course of time.

The whole issue spans a very respectable 36 pages, and this is even more impressive when you consider that, aside from the excellent front cover (produced by GreyFox), the entire magazine has been put together by one person, Brian Hedley.

Issue four costs a mere £2 to download, while issues 1 to 3 are free. You may want to check those out before diving in and parting with what would cost you about half a pint of beer.

Pop over to the Amigaville web site for more information, and if you like what Brian's doing, please leave him some feedback. Brian's currently on the look-out for people to contribute articles to future issues. If you'd like to assist then get in touch with him.


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  3. Url (Amigaville) takes me to a crappy godaddy page.