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Saturday 6 February 2016

Knightlore Ported to the Amiga

Posting over on the English Amiga Board a few days ago, user SyX announced that he'd stumbled upon a blog detailing the porting of Ultimate's Spectrum classic "Knightlore" over to the Amiga. Not only that, but the work was now complete and the game was available for download.

Here's Syx;
"I have discovered a nice blog about reverse engineering and the blogger, tcdev has made a port of ZX Spectrum Knightlore to Amiga, the first beta is available there. 
The guy is having a few problems with his amiga port and i have redirected him to our forum. 
The blog is, and the entries about the amiga version are the two last."
The author has revealed this his Amiga port is "done and dusted", and he's now working on converting the game to the Neo Geo...
"It's been a whirlwind exercise the last few days, and it's entirely possible (even probable) that my Amiga code is absolute rubbish. 
It runs on AmigaOS 3.1 and - presumably - higher. There are still a few kinks but my goal wasn't - at least at this point - to have a polished commercial-grade product."
I've installed the current version of the game on my A1200 tower (030 @ 50mhz) and the speed was excellent. Knightlore for the Amiga is still very much in a work in progress state, however. There's no sound, the graphics are black and white, there's no joystick option, and there are some bugs. On only my first go I picked up the boot item, then dropped it, with the intention of picking it up during a jump, only to find that it vanished. I've also had Sabreman dropping through the floor and re-appearing at the top of the screen!

It looks like the developer will be revisiting the Amiga conversion with the aim of tidying it up, as a recent post to the EAB explains;
"I am (now) interested in tweaking the Amiga port to get it to a point where it can be released to the general public as a shrink-wrapped playable game, rather than a proof-of-concept which is how I would describe it now. 
I would also welcome anyone else having a go at enhancing the graphics, and would happily advise/assist in that process. 
In the mean-time I'll post a few technical questions on this board in the appropriate forums and hopefully get the assistance I need."
Knightlore Amiga version
The full blog post announcing the release and containing the download link can be found here, while  the main blog detailing more of the Spectrum to Amiga port and other conversions can be found here.

As Microsoft now own the Ultimate Play The Game back catalogue I'd advise you to download the game as soon as you can. The games are "Distribution Denied" on the World of Spectrum, and it's possible Microsoft will request that this is removed.

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