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Sunday 9 March 2014

Enemy 2: Missing in Action - Update Released

Due to work commitments I've been unable to update the blog during the course of the last week, so although this originally surfaced back on the 2nd of March I've simply not had time to blog about it until now.

One of the latest Amiga related news articles from the fantastic Commodore is Awesome web site reports that an update to the late 2013 Amiga platform romp "Enemy 2: Missing in Action", has now been released.

Clearly the game has been too difficult for many ageing Amiga players, as the majority of tweaks relate to the increase of time limits on a number of stages, and additional ammunition on others. The game has also received a number of bug fixes.

To read the full changelog and to download the updated version you'll want to head off to this blog post over on the Commodore is Awesome web site.

My thanks go to the Commodore is Awesome staff for the heads-up on this one.

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