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Thursday 13 February 2014

JetHunt AGA - Coming 2014

Due to land on the Amiga scene at some point in 2013, it would seem that the JetHunt AGA has been delayed, and will now see the light of day this year instead.

Here's JetHunt programmer Coagulus, with an update;
"Sorry all, I didn't manage to get this out in 2013 [...] - had some display issues and some silly bugs which stalled me over Christmas."
He continues;
"It's still coming, and to prove it here's a new vid. Now some of the effects are flicker based and seem to pulsate on the vid but they are shown at least.

Still fits on a single floppy! Just. Although I could crunch the exe and get more I reckon.

Some of the sound effects are in and working, sadly the music and sound effects option is working but not properly so I may have to do music OR sound effects. I hope not, more coding needed...

And more still to do, like fix level 10 so I can continue, the map is messed up there at the moment.

Coagulus finishes by saying;
"[I] am still determined to finish this. And also determined to get it looking as good as I can. The game has been "haunting" me as something I should finish since the 90s! Once done I shall be writing more games for the Miggy for sure."
If Coagulus posts any further updates I'll post them to the blog. In the meantime you can follow the official JetHunt AGA thread over on the English Amiga Board here.

Footage taken from one of the latest builds can be found below.

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