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Sunday 9 February 2014

MIA "Og! AGA" Now Found and Available For Download!

Og! AGA - Title screen
While the hunt for the full version of Scavenge continues I can, in today's blog post, reveal that another long lost Amiga title has not only been found, but is now available for download.

Written by Dave Parsons, Og! was the second game he programmed for the Amiga. Although quite clearly a Wonderboy rip-off, it's a colourful, playable and extremely polished title that I really recommend you download and play.

Following the release of Commodore's AGA graphics chipset Dave decided to revisit the world of Og! and release a special AGA enhanced edition for Amiga 1200 and 4000 platforms.

Here's Dave;
"Og!" (originally called "Trog") was the second game I wrote for the Amiga. It was a fairly short, sideways-scrolling game in the Wonderboy style. It used pixel-perfect collision detection routines and ran in 32-colour mode.
I revisited it later and made a much more colourful AGA version which had 64 colours, much smoother sky colours and screen fades, and a 1-bit parallax background layer.
Outside of the game itself, it's really not very polished, and has pretty awful music (that's the downside of doing everything yourself!)."
For many years the AGA version has been considered missing in action, with Dave posting the following on his web site;
"Unfortunately, my Amiga Hard Drive seems to have died, and I can't find a version on floppy disc. So for now, this version is officially lost."
 Thankfully, the situation changed a few weeks back, with Dave updating his web site and making Og! AGA available for download. At present we're not sure how this previously thought lost version has finally surfaced, but if we hear anything further we'll let you know.

From what we can see, the AGA version plays identically to the ECS/OCS version in that it's just as difficult to play through. For example, there's a double bouncing rock section near the start of level one which will have you pulling your hair out before you finally make it past after umpteen goes.

The AGA version features some lovely looking parallax scrolling which really adds to the look of the game. All colours in the game have gone from the previous vibrant style to an almost pastel-like look. It really looks lovely.

Og! AGA - Released at last!
If you'd like to download Og! AGA you can find it in the Trog section of the Confused Pelican Games web site, at

My thanks go to Christian Clarke over at for giving me the heads-up on this one, as I'm certain I'd have missed the release without him.

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