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Monday 10 February 2014

Obligement's Top Amiga Games of 2013

On Saturday the online French Amiga magazine "Obligement" released the results of what they consider to be the Top Amiga Games of 2013.

As the site covers the Amiga 68K, OS4.x, Morphos and Aros platforms they've split their award rankings into separate charts for each of the four platforms listed. With this blog (currently, at least) only dedicated to gaming on 68K Amiga's I wont' be covering those.

So, what charted in the classic Amiga rankings? Well, in third place came Anachronia's platform based shooter "Enemy 2: Missing in Action". In second place is polished platform romp "Solid Gold", by Night Owl Design, and in first place is the long awaited "Putty Squad".

It's of little surprise to find "Putty Squad" landing the number one position, what with it being a commercial title when it was completed (but not released) all those years ago. What is nice to see is the standard of the other two games listed.

I've yet to review "Solid Gold" in this blog as I want to give the game a bit more of my time before I post about it. One thing's for certain, it's a really polished title indeed. I also need to find time to download install and play "Enemy 2". I'm simply struggling to find the time at the moment!

Solid Gold Amiga

For the full lowdown of 2013 charts for the other Amiga related platforms point your web browser over to:

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