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Saturday 22 February 2014

Pinball Fantasies 20 Million Playguide & Review

The Lemon Amiga videos continue to land on YouTube, with a Pinball Fantasies 20 Minute Million Playguide and Review being the latest addition to their ever-growing online video library.

Developed by Digital Illusions, and released by 21st Century Entertainment in 1992, Pinball Fantasies is one of the best pinball simulations available for the Amiga platform. The presentation is first rate and the game features excellent ball physics, great graphics and fantastic sound effects.

Here's what Dan from Lemon Amiga has to say regarding his latest YouTube production;
"This game is yet another top class favourite among Amiga gamers and is fondly remembered. Despite my Pinball skills, I attempt to make 20Million on each of the four tables in the game. Hope you enjoy".
If you visit the YouTube page for the video Dan also explains how the video was put together and the efforts he want to in order to resolve a number of voice over issues.

You can find the video below.

Dan has put together a number of other Amiga videos over the past few weeks, but due to work commitments I've not had time to give them the coverage they deserve. Recent videos cover the classic platformer Gods and the strategy game Battle Chess. Both videos are up to the usual high standard you'd expect from Lemon Amiga, with the Battle Chess program bringing a smile to my face, not just for the fantastic animation, but for just how long it takes a stock Amiga 500 to decide on what move to make next.

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