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Monday 3 February 2014

The Ultimate Guide to Amiga PD Games - Front Cover

Work continues apace on the forthcoming e-book release, "The Ultimate Guide to Amiga PD Games".

Edited by Amiga PD web site maintainer Christian Clarke, with contributions from Graham Humphrey, Lifeschool and Robert Hazelby, this promises to be an exciting release for the Amiga community when it's made available for download in March or April of this year.

In Christian's latest book update he reveals the front cover artwork. Take a look below.

Commenting on the image used, Christian states;
"Darren Ithell has kindly agreed for us to use the graphics from his game, Dithell in Space for the cover of our up coming e-book (The Ultimate Guide to Amiga PD Games - The very best Shareware and Public Domain games for the Commodore Amiga)."
To keep up-to-date on the progress of the book I suggest you pay regular visits to this blog or the web site.

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