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Saturday 27 October 2012

AmigaPD Interviews TimeBomb Author, Rob Hewitt

TimeBomb has been one of the more high profile releases for the Amiga platform in recent months, and has received much praise from members of the English Amiga Board, who have been playtesting both the beta and final version of the game.

A few weeks ago, AmigaPD, with help from the Lemon Amiga forum, and visitors to the AmigaPD Facebook group, fired off a whole host of questions about the game in the direction of TimeBomb author, Rob Hewitt.

Not long after, and with the questions answered by Rob and returned to Chris at Amiga PD, an interview article was put together, and has now been made available for your viewing pleasure.

Rob explains where he got the idea for the game from, how the music was composed, differences between the PC and Amiga versions of the game, and much more besides.

You can find the full interview with Rob over on the AmigaPD web site at the following location:

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