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Tuesday 23 October 2012

Foundation DC - Bundled With Amiga Future 99

Due for release on the 5th of November, issue 99 of Amiga Future magazine comes with yet another packed covermount CD.

The disc contains a mass of utilities and games, with the highlight of this month's content being an ISO of Settlers Clone, "Foundation - The Director's Cut", ready for burning.

The game scored a whopping 90% when it was reviewed by Richard Drummond in the December 1999 issue of Amiga Format, where the game was praised for its "gorgeous production quality", "great value for money" and "absorbing gameplay". In fact, the only negative point it received was the "twee sampled speech you get to listen to each time you select one of your citizens".

Here's a short snippet from Richard Drummond's original review;
"The things that strike you from the moment you load up Foundation is the effort that's gone into it, the sheer attention to detail.

From the first time you see the glorious animated introduction, view the strangely bucolic title screen, listen to the eerily peaceful soundtrack or watch the fractal-generated island scenes between missions, you know this game has been a labour of love".
You can see the game in action below, thanks to YouTube uploader AmigaOmega.

If you're thinking about adding the game to your collection you'd better check your system specs before you do. The minimum requirements are:

- 030 Processor
- CD-ROM Drive

The game supports more RAM, faster processors and graphics cards.

For more information on and details of how to order issue 99 of Amiga Future magazine, visit the preview page here.

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