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Sunday 6 January 2013

Lemon Amiga's Top 10 Amiga Games You've Probably Never Heard of - Pt 3/3

(I must apologise for the delay in getting this blog post completed. I thought I'd set it to perform a scheduled submit, but it looks like I didn't. Whoops!)

Over the past couple of weeks the Lemon Amiga team have submitted a number of videos to Google's YouTube, highlighting some of the best Amiga games you've probably never heard of.

I've found the hour long videos to be excellent resources in helping to showcase numerous classic Amiga titles that, for one reason or another, have completely passed me by.

If you've missed out on the first two videos, you can find Amiga Gamer blog posts, along with links to them, below:

Part One
Part Two

The third and final part in the series has recently been released, bringing this current Amiga archaeological journey to an end.

Here's what the Lemon Amiga team have to say about this last segment;
"In this bumper edition, we check out the final three categories in our compendium of the Top 10 Amiga Games you've hopefully never even heard about.

I know most Amiga users will get a kick out of these, although there are still a few games (Foundation?) that are still common enough to recognise.

Each of our top 5 categories play for 30mins, and at the end of each section we'll see the game I think deserves the award for the virtually unknown gem in the pack. I've saved a few good games (and a few bags of tripe) for last.

Thanks for watching these films, and I hope you get as much enjoyment out of these as I do watching them back".

So, what made the Lemon Amiga team decide to put these videos together in the first place? Well, wonder now more, as here's the explanation;
"In the middle of July, 2012, I decided to run my own competition on the Lemon forum. I chose F1GP - and the whole thing (after a few hickups) went well.

A few weeks later I got to wondering if F1GP was the only polygon 3D F1 racer on the Amiga? I'd seen Grand Prix Circuit from my C64 days, and Revs, Indy 500 of course on the Amiga, and well.. not much else. In my search I found out about a mythical 'Alien' Grand Prix. I then discovered the full game was known as Virtual Grand Prix, and found it as a CD on the internet. The game was a B#STARD to get going; an absolute PIG! I wanted to love it but the game was just not giving.

A week later I discovered the patch and gladly upgraded it to 1.0D - where the handling of the vehicle, plus the workability of the Monza track, made me think WOW - I need to get this out to people.

Weeks later I started my long trawl through archives in seach of things I'd never heard about before. Yes, you guessed it, ALL of the games in these videos were all games I'd never even heard about before (except Virtual Ball Fighters, Generic Species and Foundation - which I'd seem in mags). Now just the simple matter of installing them all (Shadow Of The Third Moon was another PIG!), and having a go at them one by one.

These are my very first goes you can see in these videos. Nowt taken out. ;)

Then I put them all into groups and did all this 'Top 10' stuff. So now you get it.

These games were all brand new to me - so if I'm not playing so well, it's because I've thrown myself in at the deep end".
I've really enjoyed the three videos produced by the Lemon Amiga team, and I hope that my blogging has at least encouraged a few more people to hop over to their YouTube channel and check the clips out.

Here's hoping the team decide to put something else together before too long.

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