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Wednesday 9 January 2013

The EAB Top 100 Amiga Games 2012 - Results!

Way back in October, English Amiga Board forumite Graham Humphrey, asked forum members to nominate their top 10 Amiga games, with the idea that those titles selected would be used to produce an EAB Top 100 Amiga Games 2012 chart.

Now, with the nominations all in and the results tallied-up, Graham has been able to reveal the results.

Below you'll find the top 20 titles, listed in order of popularity. For details of where you can find the full list as well as discover the least popular game, please read further down this blog post.

1. Speedball 2
2. Cannon Fodder
3. Turrican 2
4. Sensible World Of Soccer
5. Lemmings
6. Frontier
7. The Secret Of Monkey Island
8. The Settlers
9. The Chaos Engine
10. Slam Tilt
11. Dune 2
12. Stunt Car Racer
13. Battle Squadron
14. Wings
15. Monkey Island 2
16. Flashback
17. Lotus 2
18. Sensible Soccer
19. Another World
20. Turrican

The above by no means gives the full picture. For the complete list of results, please point your web browser over to:

Here's hoping a the EAB members set up something similar for 2013, as it'll be interesting to see how the results change over the course of 12 months.

Thanks go to EAB forumite Graham Humprey, for organising the 2012 nominations and collating the results. A special mention should also go to forumite Chat Rob 1, for his initial compiling of the results in an effort to take some of the workload off Graham.

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