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Tuesday 8 January 2013

Rick Dangerous Style Game in Development

It may be sneered at by some, but the AMOS based game development environment "Backbone", seems to be gaining a bit of a following.

A number of projects are currently in development using the package, (see last Wednesday's blog post, for example) and yesterday (7th Jan) yet another title was announced.

Here's English Amiga Board member and game developer amiman99 with some details and footage of his creation in action;

"Here is a preview of my game made with Backbone, Cammy's textures are heavily modified for the game and music is taken from Sound Terrific MOD compilation (author is unknown).

More levels are coming up.
Naturally, I'll be blogging about the progress of this title on the blog, as and when updates surface. However, if you'd like to follow this yourself, you can find the relevant EAB thread here:

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