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Monday 7 January 2013

The Official EAB Top 100 Amiga Games 2012 - Results Delayed

Way back on the 1st of October last year English Amiga Board moderator Graham Humphrey, began collating votes for the Official EAB Top 100 Amiga Games of 2012.

The rules stated that you could only nominate a maximum of 10 games, with your first place title receiving 10 points, and the one in tenth place receiving just 1. Voting would close at 23:59 UK time on 31st October, with any votes sent in after that date being discarded.

With the date for nominations passed things have been rather quiet in the thread. That was until EAB member lifeschool, posted the following message as a gentle prod;

I know it's a mammoth task to make this list Graham, so no problem if this has been put on hold, but I'm certainly still interested to find out the top games, and the worst games".
Graham has been quick to respond, and gave the following update;
"[I'm] still writing it... I've bitten off more than I can chew with various projects but it is being written. I will definitely finish this off but no timescales. Glad someone is waiting for it though!"
Looks like you'll have to wait that bit longer. Once the 2012 results are posted I'll give you a heads-up on this very blog, so don't panic.

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