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Monday 25 February 2013

Final Fight AGA - WIP 2

Just when you thought that the Engligh Amiga Board's Lielo had given up on his Final Fight AGA conversion, he returns to the EAB with news of what's been updated since he last posted, along with a new work in progress video.

Here he is to bring us right up-to-date;
"3 months on and here's a quick update on the current state of this project.

Firstly, my thanks for the support/advice from all of you that have taken a look here, and my apologies for any misunderstanding on my behalf. The Blitz Support Suite provided much insight besides the cia tracker player whilst other considerations have led to the development environment becoming slightly more user friendly and in time customisable. I've been re-configuring some of the graphical aspects and doing some 'destruction testing; putting as much as I can into the memory and tailoring to suit where I can.

The demo shown here now uses 5 bitplanes with a layer of 8 attached sprites for the parallax, and runs at 50 fps for the most part, although enemy collisions were turned off some time ago during the testing process. I now have an 020 testing machine using an external FD to load the adf as the internal is unreliable. Results on this and 030 are similar, the 020 showing slowdown when other objects are blitted on top of 4 enemy onscreen with busy AI. The 030 showing slowdown when pushed a little more! The most recent development is the mapping of the first 'slum' section to save memory, I'm glad it works. Of course I may return to aspects of the previous graphics setup depending on several things, but this is the development setup for now. The development will focus on producing a playable game for the 020 which is optimised for 030. I'm considering using fast ram 030 blitting for static objects and stuff like that.

I'm thinking there will be a 'modern' options screen where various optimisations/comprimises can be considered e.g. force 50 fps/ blit every frame, max number of enemy.

There is still plenty of memory to play with (now) although the characters happily eat memory - atm just over 930kb left after loading from workbench.

The next thing to do is put the 'Hollywood' character in there and then the rest of the objects, then work on the AI and object interaction, if there's room then I can add some 'palette swap' characters before finally adding the little touches like enemies emerging from doors, and maybe some energy bars!? To me it's worthwhile spending a lot of time on this first section of the game as that's the core from which the rest of the game will build. It's been said before, (Bippy); but Final Fight is basically made up of variations upon a theme. Once the characters and weapons are in there the development should speed up.

I'll get another download going soon. Thanks for taking a look"

Footage from the latest version of the game can be found below.

As soon as I hear anything further regarding the Final Fight AGA project I'll let you know. In the meantime, you can follow the development thread for this title over on the English Amiga Board. Simply click on THIS link.

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