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Friday 1 February 2013

Plouf - English Language Version Released!

It's the start of a new month, and with the first post of February I bring news of a new game. Well, when I say new, it's new-ish.

Almost twenty years ago the AMOS coded title "Plouf" was released for the Amiga, albeit with a French translation only. Now, thanks to the efforts of the original author, this game has been dug out of his personal archive, translated into English, recompiled and made available for download.

Here's the author with some background information about the game;
"18 years ago I was learning the ropes of coding on an Amiga 500. Using AMOS, a game-oriented Basic, I played with creating games and demos. I was not as persevering as nowadays: most of those creations got started and abandoned a few weeks later, but I did manage to finish one of those game attempts: Plouf!"
He continues;
"Some time ago I decided to release it as free software. I bought a NULL-modem cable and transfered the source code to my laptop.

There was one problem though: all text was in French :( I wanted to at least translate all visible strings to English. One would think it would just be a matter of opening the source code with a modern editor and run the AMOS Compiler to regenerate binaries... It's not that simple: the format of .AMOS files is binary: it bundles the source code and the program assets. This means it can only be edited with AMOS Editor. I thus ran AMOS Editor in UAE to do all my edits... I can confirm editors have made a lot of progress since 1994..."
3 player simultaneous action

For a more in-depth write-up detailing just how the English version came into being, as well as download links to the binary and AMOS source code, point your web browser over to:

My thanks go to the Amiga News team for the heads-up on this one.

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