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Sunday 17 March 2013

AmiQuake 2 Reaches Beta 10

Things seemed to have gone rather quiet on Novacoder's port of Quake 2 to 68k machines, but in the last few days he returned to the English Amiga Board with a number of exciting updates...
"It's been a bit painful recently, I had to start from scratch a couple of times to understand some strange bugs I was getting. I think I've now ported this thing to AGA using about 3 different engines!

Anyway, I've now got the sound working well (at last). Sound is going to very configurable BTW. You'll actually be able to change things like the AHI audio unit & playback rate using the Quake console and using the menu you'll be able to switch between 16 and 8bit sound.

Memory consumption has also be a pain to fix-up, I've had to re-write most of the hunk memory allocation routines. It used to need over 80MB just to run the demo, I've now got that down to about 40MB, I still can't run the full retail game with 64MB but I haven't given up yet.

There's not too much left to do now really, I've got a couple of strange bugs that have crept in recently that I need to fix (probably as a result of my optimizations) and maybe I'll do some last minute performance tweaks. With a big project like this, you could carry on doing little performance tweaks forever so you need to know when to give up.

It's just about playable on my 060 now with sound + dynamic lighting and particles enabled using a slightly reduced screen.

I'd also like to add mouse wheel support for changing weapons if I get time".
A day or two later he returned with the comment below, and some exciting YouTube footage of the game in action on a real Amiga 1200.
"Finally got it running at a good speed on my A1200, a lot of people didn't this would even be possible on AGA 68k!"
As soon as I hear anything further regarding this project I'll update the blog. In the meantime, you can follow the progress of this conversion from the beginning to the present day by viewing this thread on the English Amiga Board.

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