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Wednesday 20 March 2013


The Spectrum and C64 scenes seem to be awash with not only new game releases, but releases that come as fully packaged products. The Amiga on the other hand seems to suffer from few new games landing on the platform, let alone ones that come in physical packaging.

Thankfully, English Amiga Board member Amiten, has just announced the physical release of "Amiten Software CD Compilation Volume 1", a compilation disc featuring a selection of complete games, game demos, tech demos and music from the Amiten label.

Here's Amiten with the details;
"I want you to know that I have available for sale 1 CD-Rom (limited units) called Amiten Software CD Compilation Vol I.

The CD includes three complete games (SPACER REMAKE / FISH and RUNPUFF)

Also included INSIDE the Intro and Mega Demo called "Just Forever" and and my last job 14 tracks of musical Tech / ambient / House.

As added features playable demos of AMIVANIA and AMIKILL.

The CD-ROM price is 10 € each shipping included worldwide.

It comes in a CD-ROM printed ligthscribe and printed cover.

Each CD comes with a serial number and is printed to register your copy by sending an e-mail to the address with serial number thereby ensuring you get free updates for games SPACER REMAKE / FISH and Run Puff only when is avaliable.

The demos of the games AMIVANIA & AMIKILL are just and early demos of what will one day when they are finished and will be shared at the time otherwise are not included in the option of free updates.

I accept paypal as a payment"

(Amiten Software CD Vol 1 - Cover)

There's far too much on the CD for me to cover it in this blog post, so I suggest you visit this massive post on the English Amiga Board, where Amiten covers each title on the compilation. You'll also find details there detailing how you can order an ISO of the compilation if you're not bothered about a full physical release.

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