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Thursday 7 March 2013

Dangermouse Adventure - A Quick Update

Despite initially making speedy progress developing his AMOS coded adventure, Christian of found that due to work commitments development had to come to a near standstill over the past couple of months.

Thankfully it looks like his work pressures have reduced somewhat, and development on the adventure is now continuing apace.

In his latest development update Christian revealed what aspects of the title he'd recently been working on.
"Work continues on the Dangermouse text adventure game. I have now finished adding the correct image to all 400 locations.

What remains to be done is:
Test Luck Routine
Test Combat Routine
Test Inventory System
Complete End Game routine
Correct text alignment for locations 201 - 400
Make version available for play testing.
Correct text input routine so that player can only enter valid key inputs (simple else command returning routine to current location).

Last routine still to do - Save and load routine."
With a whopping 400 separate locations this looks to be an absolutely massive game, and certainly one you won't be ploughing through in one sitting. It could be time to dig out that graph paper and prepare yourself for an oldskool mapping session.

As soon as any further news surfaces regarding the Dangermouse adventure I'll post the details on this very blog. In the meantime you can follow the progress yourself by going to the AmigaPD web site at or the AmigaPD Facebook Group at

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