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Friday 29 March 2013

Interview with Stewart Gilray (ex-21st Century Entertainment)

In today's update to the blog I bring news from the Retro Collect tearm, who earlier this week announced that they'd managed to bag an interview with ex-Amiga programmer Stewart Gilray.

Stuart worked on a number of Amiga titles in his earlier years, including Marvin's Marvellous Adventure and Pinball Fantasies, to name but two.

Here's the blurb from the Retro Collect web site;
"Joining the RetroCollect Squad this month is our very first special guest, Just Add Water's Stewart Gilray. Having spent an odyssey in the gaming industry - since the days of floppy disks & cassette tapes - this gaming veteran has countless enticing stories to tell, all of which lead up to how he became an inhabitant of RuptureFarms.

For those unfamiliar with the name, you'll have experienced many of Stewart's past releases without even realising. Having spent many years working for the likes of Hewson Consultants, 21st Century Entertainment, and of course Just Add Water; games such as Marvin's Marvellous Adventure, Pinball Fantasies, Gravity Crash and the more recent Oddworld titles have all been blessed by this British gaming icon.

But enough talking from us, Stewart has more than enough to say in the latest episode of RetroCollect FM. Discussing his colourful past, Stewart gets carried away by a wave of nostalgia discussing his early days including the ups and downs before arriving on his more recent ventures with Oddworld Inhabitants".
The podcast runs for over two hours, and is broken down as follows:

  • Introduction and the early years
  • The later days
  • Gravity Crash and Just Add Water
  • Oddworld Inhabitants
  • Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New N' Tasty

Download, subscription and information links are as follows;

Podcast Download Link - Click here
Subscribe on iTunes - Click here
Podcast Information - Click here

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