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Saturday 30 March 2013

International Karate Comes to The Amiga!

Way back at the start of November last year I reported on three Atari ST games that had been lovingly ported to the Amiga. Converted by English Amiga Board member Meynaf, the titles were Gauntlet, Joust and Super Sprint. All three games ran perfectly on expanded Amiga 1200's, and I found them to be extremely playable.

Maynaf's been pretty quiet since then, but earlier this week, and out of the blue, he announced that he'd ported over the beautiful looking International Karate from the Atari ST. Not only that, but he'd made it available for download.

Here's the game in action on an Atari ST;

IK footage captured by 2PeteShakur

Naturally, the online Amiga community were extremely excited by this news, downloaded it and started testing it on real and emulated Amiga systems.

Feedback from users has already started to come in, and with people experiencing the odd freeze, unusual colour schemes or the game running too fast with 28mhz 030 processors, it may be that Meynaf has to make a few tweaks and issue an update before we can get a stable and perfectly running version of IK on the Amiga.

Nevertheless, what Maynaf's achieved so far is already amazing work, and I suggest you get this installed on your Amiga at once.

You can download IK Amiga by clicking on THIS direct link, which points to an LZX archive. I would also suggest you keep visiting the IK link over on The English Amiga Board, as it looks like this may be the place to go to for news of any updates/issues.

Here's hoping that once Maynaf's finished tweaking this he moves on to more previously un-ported and exclusive ST titles.

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