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Monday 18 March 2013

Dangermouse Adventure - Latest Updates

Following a number of quiet months due to work commitments, Christian of seems to have really thrown himself back into the development of his Dangermouse themed adventure, as progress updates have been cropping up online on an almost daily basis over the past week or so.

The first of these updates covers the development of the combat routines, which are apparently now complete.

Here's Christian;
"[I've] completed [the] combat routine, [and] now need to add to all room locations where combat takes place - Fingers crossed just a case of removing REM statements. 
Ironically the longest part of the process was making the video as my screencapture software had expired and ended up spending ages converting various media files argh!!!!"
You can see the combat routine in action below;

With that completed, work has moved on to the title screen, and that's also been ticked-off. Here's what it looks like. It's a nice, clean and simple design.

(Note the Mencap logo. Don't forget to donate)

And finally, here's your chance to have some input on the game. Christian is looking to change a number of the room names to more Amiga related ones, and he'd like your suggestions.

For more information and to take part you'll need to head over to this link on the English Amiga Board.

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