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Monday 31 December 2012

Amiga PD's Dangermouse - Progress Update

Those who regularly follow the blog will no doubt be aware that the title currently being worked on by Christian of Amiga PD is an adventure based on the legendary 80s cartoon series, Dangermouse.

Due to his workload, development has slowed somewhat, but progress is stil being made, and with some spare time over the holidays we've been treated to a few work in progress updates.

Christian's been spending the past few days screen-grabbing a mass of images to accompany the 400-odd text descriptions he's put together as part of the adventure, and keen to show how good the grabs are, he's uploaded a selection for our viewing pleasure.

Update One:

Update Two:

Update Three:

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  1. Thanks for sharing the update - I think I have now finished getting the majority of the images that I need for the game so I am now focusing on linking these images to the rooms and amending the room location titles - this will take some time . I have done a few already and have posted a new video on youtube to show how the game is progressing with these new pics.

    The game is taking longer to complete then originally planned but nothing left should be too taxing just time consuming - need to active all the combat events - add a luck routine - add a save game and load function (this might be tricky) and add an intro (this should be the fun bit after all the repetitive stuff).

    Will update you all more as things progress.

    Chris - AmigaPd

  2. Just noticed a typo - the above should say - Activate the combat events - the combat routine is writen and working but I need to change the REM statements to active code for all the locations with enemies so that their combat stats are active and combat does take place. I also have some fun Biff and Pow comic graphics to add to the routine.