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Monday 3 December 2012

New Game in Development - Amiga X-Wars

Over the weekend I've been reading about another new Amiga title that's currently in the works.

This one goes by the name X-Wars, and is based on the Star Wars universe.

Here's Amiten, the developer;
"Infiltrate a Jedi Empire. Land to steal the plans of The Empire against the rebellious troops".
Reading through Amiten's posts on the English Amiga board it looks as if the game will feature two distinct styles of gameplay.

The first part is a side scrolling, platform based shooter, which sees your character infiltrating a base manned by The Empire. Once this mission is complete you leave the planet, and it's here a space battle/shoot-em-up takes place.

Amiten continues;
"The idea is to have an addictive game with Star Wars characters, of which I am a fan, and of course, for our incredible Amigas!"
I wouldn't expect development on this title to rocket along, as Amiten confirms that it's only him working on it. Not only that, but he also has three other games currently in development!

Technical info:

- The game runs in lowres, EHB, 64 colour mode
- It's hoped that the game will run on any 68000 based Amiga with 1 meg chip RAM
- The game will most likely come on 3 or 4 disks

Amiten recommends that you run the game on a higher specification Amiga setup for a better experience.
"[A] 68060 will be [the] dream but not necessary. I think [a] 68030 will be fine! A harddisk [would be] much better [and] fastRam for music and SFX will be GREAT!

At the end [I will] develop [an] optimised WinUae Version with more bonus music or graphics animation, getting the high end possibilities [provided by] emulators, to experience a big Star Wars type game."
These all sound like pretty ambitious plans, but the game is already beginning to take shape. Take a look at the YouTube clip below, to see the game in its current state.

I'll bring you more news as and when I get it. In the meantime, you can follow a thread dedicated to the development of this game over on the English Amiga Board.

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