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Thursday 20 December 2012

Nuxelia's Programmer Reveals All

Regular visitors may recall that towards the latter part of November I covered the unreleased Amiga platfomer, Nuxelia, in one of my blog posts.

With the game generating a fair amount of discussion over on the English Amiga Board, forumite vitux, attempted to track down members of the development team in an effort to discover more about this project.

Well, after a combination of investigative work and waiting for answers, one of the programmers, Erik Gustavsson, signed up to the EAB and yesterday (19th December) gave an in-depth lowdown of the game, which you can find here.

It's a fascinating insight into the development of this title, and exciting to read of the special effects the team managed to cram into later parts of the game. If you found the demo impressive it's likely the full game would have blown your socks off.

If you've yet to try the Nuxelia demo, you can see it running below.

(Nuxelia demo)

My thanks go to Erik for taking the time to tell the Nuxelia story, and to vitux, for tracking down Erik in the first place.

Another Amiga mystery put to bed.

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