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Sunday 11 November 2012

1980's Football Manager - Latest Updates

He may currently be found beavering away on his forthcoming Dangermouse graphic adventure, but programmer and AmigaPD web site maintainer Christian Clarke, is still managing to find time to respond to user feedback and update his 1980s Football Manager sim.

Here's the man himself with details of a future hard disk install option and some new graphical additions and tweaks. It looks to be shaping up to be a very nice little management game indeed;
"I have [...] started work on a Hard Drive version. I have all the music and pictures in one folder - just need to add the main game file to this folder. All the code references now point to the hard drive location rather than the individual disks".
Chris has also been busy adding a bit of sparkle to the game, as he's recently added a new screen for the end of season summary (previously, the screen palette wasn't working) and a new picture is displayed when you win the league.

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