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Thursday 22 November 2012

Kumquat & Cantaloupe - Full Games and Source

The English Amiga Board has many interesting sub folders dotted around its forum, but the one I find fascinating is the "Other Projects" area, as it's here enthusiastic Amiga users come together to discuss the creation of new games, WHDLoad installs, and much more besides.

My personal favourite section, though, is "Missing Full Shareware Games", where forumites work together in an attempt to track down full versions of long lost shareware games, make them available online for others to play, and to ensure they're finally archived.

I was able to contribute a few years back, when the search was on for the full version of Amiga platformer, Beetle. As luck would have it, I'd registered the game back in the day, and was able to upload both the disk image and a scan of the registration letter.

A few months back I noticed another MIA request, this time for the full registered version of Cantaloupe, an AMOS Pro AGA game, coded by Dave Schofield back in 1996.

I made a few inquiries online, but completely forgot to follow anything up, until a few weeks back when I dug out Dave's postal address from the readme, and sent off a short letter.

The letter obviously did the trick, as within a few days Dave had signed up to the EAB, and posted the following;
"Hi all!

I got Rob's letter today - I'm incredibly flattered anyone even remembers my old games!

The full version of Cantaloupe (+ source code) is here, feel free to use / redistribute / etc however you like.

Cheers Dave"
The demo of Kumquat was originally featured on a floppy disk covermount, in the September 1996 edition of Amiga Format. It's similar to Taito's classic arcade title, Qix, but is far more psychedelic.

Cantaloupe, on the other hand is a rewrite of a Commodore 64 game, "Sensitive". A path-finding puzzle game, with its own level editor.

Screenshots below...

(Kumquat - psychedelic Qix-like action ahoy!)

(The long lost registered version of Cantaloupe)

Both games (and their source code) can be downloaded from

My thanks go to Dave for making this little lot available to the Amiga community.

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