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Wednesday 7 November 2012

BASIC Shoot-em-up Under Development

Currently running with the working title "BASIC Shoot-em-up", this is yet another Amiga game that's currently in development.

Of interest to many will be the detailed blog coder "lole", has put together, charting the progress of his game as it's being worked on, and although this hasn't been updated for a number of months, "lole" assured us in a post on the English Amiga Board, that it's still under development.

The game is being coded in Blitz BASIC 2.1, and the idea behind the creation of the game is as follows;
"The main idea is to introduce on Amiga the progress that has been done in physics and AI. The Amiga CPU will of course limit this to some extent, but to a lesser extent than you think".
Below you'll find the latest development video update, but I urge you to visit the blog where you'll find code snippets, notes, diagrams and further video clips detailing the creation of this game.

If further news surfaces surrounding this title I'll upload the details in a subsequent blog post. In the meantime the developer asks that if you're able to contribute code, graphics, music, sound or ideas to the project, to please contact him.

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