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Wednesday 21 November 2012

AmigaPD Interviews Gravity Beam Creator

When he's not updating his 1980s football management sim, or making additions to his Dangermouse adventure, Christian Clarke of spends much of his free time interviewing programmers of long lost PD games, transcribing the sessions and publishing the finished results on his web site.

A week or so back (Monday 12th, to be exact) I posted a quick heads-up on a forthcoming AmigaPD interview with Gravity Beam creator Matthew Carr.

Well, you'll be pleased to learn that the interview is complete and online, ready for a read-through.

The transcript is a fascinating read. We learn what got Matthew into programming in the first place, why he decided to create a new Amiga game, what kept him motivated, and much more besides.

Point your browser over to and enjoy the read.

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