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Saturday 17 November 2012

Mooka - A Side-Scrolling Platformer in Development

In Wednesday's blog post I took at look at "Moebius Goatlizard", a revamped version of the SAM Coupe platform game, "Lost Disks of SAM", currently being developed by Black Jet Software.

Well, it would seem that the guys at Black Jet are keeping themselves busy, as they have another game they're also working on. Entitled "Mooka", this looks to be shaping up into a nice colourful side-scrolling platform game.

Here's the brief background story;
"After finding a small shiny device on the floor of your parent's house, you accidentally push something that changes your location almost instantly.

You suddenly find yourself standing in a strange part of the galaxy and need to find your way back home!"
At present there's no demo available to download, but a detailed development log can be found over on the Black Jet web site.

In the meantime, check out the latest clip of the game in action. This looks like a game really worth keeping an eye on.

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