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Friday 30 November 2012

Weasel on the Go & Monty on The Run Demo

In today's post I'm going to look at two Amiga platform games that from the screenshots look like really nice titles. Unfortunately they also seem to currently be missing in action.

The first game is "Weasel on the go", and the second, a short demo of the classic "Monty on the Run!".

Both titles were worked on by Chris Leathley. Here he is with some background information about the games;
"The First game I did. After coming from the 64 and spending a great deal of time playing 'Monty on the Run!', I wanted to write a similar game on the Amiga.

We worked (mostly Nutcracker members) on the game plan, ideas and graphics. A good friend of mine, Rod Utting did the Music. He had done quite a lot of decent tunes before then and probably churned out about 300-400 by the time he left the Amiga.

The hardest thing about writing games is that there are no real tools for development which is why I wrote the Editor7 program which was the pre-sessor for Freditor!

All the pictures here are from the distribution demo of the game (very early in the development)".
(Weasel on the go)

Chris also reveals on his web site that the title screen was a blatant copy of the Monty on the Run! title screen, and that this was the early demo which he sent to Gremlin Graphics.

Prior to Weasel on the go the team put together a short demo, which played like the original Monty on the Run! Notice the Monty sprite.

(Monty on the Run! 16-bit style)

So, what's become of these games, and are they available to download? Well, I've dropped Chris an email via his web page, and have asked about a few items shown there. Unfortunately have yet to receive a response. I'll probably leave it another month or so and have another go. I've got nothing to lose.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if Weasel and the Monty demo were finally made available to Amiga users across the globe? They both look like polished little titles, and I'm certain they'd be fun to play.

If you'd like to check out details of other games and demos Chris has worked on, point your web browsers over to:

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  1. Apparently it's not lost anymore? This appeared on Aminet recently: