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Sunday 25 November 2012

Gravity Beam Final Release

It's been available to download and play in an almost complete form since April, but author, Jonathon Carr, was clearly not happy with a few elements of the game, and over the last few months has been making some final additions and enhancements to it.

According to Jonathon he's now completed the final 'full' Gravity Beam release, and below, in his own words, are what's been added;

"New features:

* All original music!
* New title screen!
* Improved levels!
* Two-button joystick support! Use button 2 to engage/disengage beam!
* Works on unexpanded Amiga 500s! The game should detect extra Chip RAM to reduce loading times!
* Secret stuff!
* Full documentation on how to make levels!
* Source code!

Please visit the Gravity Beam website to download the game".
Have fun, and if you enjoy the game please let Jonathon know.

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