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Friday 23 November 2012

Ziriax, Zarathrusta and Deliverance Coder Interviews

No game links or updates today. Instead, I'd like to direct you towards not one but three interviews with former Amiga programmers.

These interviews come courtesy of the Amiga Lore web site, and are the latest in a string of one-to-ones they've held with individuals, who've included Ocean's Gary Bracey, Graftgold's Andrew Braybrook, and Amiga programmer Ashley Hogg, to name but a few.

Here's EAB Global Moderator CodyJarrett with the details;
"Peter Verswyvelen, Erlend Robaye and Kim Goossens didn't make a lot of games on the Amiga but they made a big impression with Ziriax, Zarathrusta and Deliverance.

Amiga Lore talks to the Belgian trio in three interviews:

Peter Verswyvelen (Ziriax, Zarathrusta and Deliverance)
Erlend Robaye (Ziriax and Zarathrusta)
Kim Goossens (Ziriax and Deliverance)"
For the full list of transcribed interviews visit the Amiga Lore web site at

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