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Friday 16 November 2012

Interview With The Sales Curve's Ned Langman

Just a couple of weeks have passed since his excellent interview with Ocean France's Marc Djan was uploaded, and already Codetapper's got another in-depth question and answer session with an ex-Amiga programmer

This latest addition to an ever growing line-up of coder conversations sees Ned Langman of Random Access/The Sales Curve in the spotlight.

Ned was the graphic artist whose name popped up numerous Amiga titles over the years, including Silkworm, The Ninja Warriors, Judge Dredd, NARC, SWIV, Saint Dragon, Double Dragon 3, Rod-Land, Big Run and Indy Heat.

In this interview Ned reveals how he learned to draw, how he got his job at Random Access, his most and least favourite parts of the job and much more.

Games discussed include SWIV, The Ninja Warriors, Silkworm, to name but a few, and if you really pay attention you may even discover how a few references to SWIV crept into the PC title "Forsaken"

For the full interview, point your web browser HERE.

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